Zilla Basking Platform Filter


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The Zilla® Basking Platform Filter provides a water filtration unit and raised basking area all concealed in one naturalistic looking Decor piece. Pets can swim and climb up the rock-like surface while water gently cascades back into the terrarium.

  • Decor, basking and filtration all-in-one!
  • Turtles can easily climb up the ramp and bask on a naturalistic surface
  • Quietly filters the water while creating a gentle waterfall effect
  • Uses size medium Zilla Replacement Filter Cartridges
  • Great for use with Zilla Water Conditioner
  • Small fits: 10-20 gallon tanks, Large fits: 20 gallon or larger tanks
  • Dimensions: (S) 11.625 x 8.125 x 8.25", (L) 14.875 x 10.125 x 10.625"
  • 1 year warranty from manufacturer

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