Tetra ColorFusion Bubbling LED Kit


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The 10 gallon Tetra ColorFusion Bubbling LED Kit provides a unique and fun look for your new aquarium. This kit includes Tetra ColorFusion LED lights, bubble wand with air pump and tubing, Tetra filter and cartridge, as well as a low profile tank hood. Enjoy the ColorFusion LED lights as they cycle through red, blue, green and every color in between. Select your color or cycle through all of them. The kit's bubble wand and air pump included all of the equipment you need to add a steady stream of bubbles to you aquarium. The Tetra bubble wand helps improve your water quality while adding a creative and fun effect for your fish. Also included is a Tetra internal filter that provides powerful yet silent filtration to keep your fish healthy and the water crystal clear. The hood includes integrated cutouts for easy filter cartridge changes and feeding without removal.

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