Tetra BettaMin Select-A-Food

Tetra BettaMin Select-A-Food


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Tetra BettaMin Select-A-Food offers a nutritious, color-enhancing variety for your Betta fish. Offering a unique, multi-section canister contain 2 sections of BettaMin Tropical flakes 1 section of Brine Shrimp Bits and 1 section of TetraBetta Mini Pellets. Tetra BettaMin Tropical Flakes provide a specialized formula of easily digestible flakes perfect for Bettas. Also blended with patented ProCare for optimal health. TetraBetta mini pellets are nutritionally balanced and specially formulated to be highly palatable. These small, floating pellets are an ideal staple diet for Bettas and are packed with patented ProCare for optimal health. Brine Shrimp are real freeze dried natural shrimp which help boost color and offer a nature like diet for freshwater fish.

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