Marineland Power Filter Penguin


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Easy Enough for the Beginner

Whether you're a first-time aquarist or consider yourself a hobbyist the Marineland Penguin Power Filter is right for you. Because it comes in four different sizes this filter is perfect for any small to medium aquarium 20-70 gallons. It does a superior job with the bio-load of Tropical Community Fish Oscars and African Cichlids. Leftover food and fish waste particles disappear in minutes due to the filter's replaceable Rite Size cartridges ensuring a clean and healthy environment for your fish and plants.

 Model Flow Rate Tank Size
100 100 GPH Up to 20 gallons
150 150 GPH Up to 30 gallons
200 200 GPH Up to 50 gallons
350 350 GPH Up to 70 gallons

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