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Kent Marine Hydrometer

Kent Marine

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The new KENT Marine Hydrometer makes measuring aquarium water salinity simple. Its precision and compact design provides accurate readings that aquarists of any level can understand. Accuracy to 0.001 specific gravity units.

Advanced Features Include:
  • Large numeric display includes sweet spot for marine and reef aquariums
  • Water is gently diverted to bottom, reducing air bubbles from forming
  • Designed to give temperature-corrected readings in warm water aquariums (68º - 85º F / 20º - 30º C)
1. Submerge hydrometer approximately 6" below water surface until water reaches the fill level line.
2. Remove hydrometer and place on a level surface.
3. Air bubbles adhering to the pointer will result in inaccurate, high readings. Gently tap hydrometer to dislodge any air bubbles.
4. Read specific gravity on inside scale and salinity in parts per thousand (ppt) on outside scale.
5. Rinse with fresh water after every use. NOTE: Before using the KENT Marine Hydrometer for the first time, fill the hydrometer with salty water and allow it to sit for 24 hours to season the needle.

Recommending Specific Gravity
  • Recommended specific gravity for most marine aquariums is between 1.021 and 1.023.
  • Recommended specific gravity for most reef aquariums is between 1.024 and 1.026.
Salt deposits that accumulate on pointer will result in incorrect readings. If salt crystallizes inside unit, soak in lukewarm fresh water or vinegar for 30 minutes, rinse with fresh water and let air dry.

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