Ice Storm Clownfish

Ice Storm Clownfish

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Sea and Reef's Ice Storm Clownfish is the next generation Snow Storm Clownfish. The classic Snow Storm Clownfish was created by breeding a Black Storm Clownfish with a Phantom Clownfish, which resulted in a white fish with black eyes, fins and lips. The Ice Storm Clownfish was created by breeding a Mocha Storm Clownfish with a Black Ice Clownfish. Basically this is another combination of Black Storm genetics with snowflake genetics. The Ice Storm Clownfish is a white clownfish, but its eyes and base of most fins are an orange-brown coloration, which separate it from the Snow Storm Clownfish. They named it Ice Storm Clownfish due to its origin from a Black Ice and a Mocha Storm Clownfish. This Sea & Reef signature strain was released on April 24, 2020.