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Cobalt Hermit Crab Salts

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Hermit Crabs live in both inland and in coastal habitats and require a salt bath to thrive and have a healthy life. Cobalt Hermit Crab Salt is an easy way to provide this important salt bath that will help your hermit crabs stay in top shape and health. During the salt bath, the crabs will store an extra supply of salt to keep with them in between baths. Complete with extra calcium to help strengthen the exoskeleton, especially important when molting.



For 1 cup of dechlorinated or purified water: Add one teaspoon of Cobalt Hermit Crab Salt. Stir until dissolved. Place salt solution in shallow dish that allows the crabs easy access both in and out of the dish.

For small crab populations, change every 2-3 days as needed. For larger crab populations, change salt daily.

At any time, if excessive food or other waste collects in the salt bath, clean the dish, and replace the salt bath solution. Do not let bath dry out.

Be sure to remember that hermit crabs require both a freshwater supply and a salt bath. A source of fresh water is always required.

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