Fritz RPM Liquid Alkalinity Elements (Part 1)

Fritz RPM Liquid Alkalinity Elements (Part 1)

Fritz Aquatics

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It is impossible to maintain a healthy, vibrant marine aquarium without also maintaining the proper levels of calcium and alkalinity. FRITZ RPM CALCIUM/BUFFER SYSTEM allows aquarists to maintain these two critical components in their proper ionic balance. Unlike other similar products, FRITZ RPM CALCIUM/BUFFER SYSTEM does not contain unmeasured and unnecessary ions and metals, which unchecked can lead to toxicity in the aquarium.

PART 1 is formulated to provide the highest purity carbonate alkalinity, and when used in conjunction with PART 2 along with regular water changes with a high quality salt like FRITZ RPM SALT it will provide the correct ionic balance necessary for healthy and beautiful fish, corals, and invertebrates.

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