Fiji Reef Rock


  • $7.99

Each rock is man-made right in the USA using top quality ingredients. Using the same building blocks that your coral use, Real Reef is made with a variety of minerals, aggregates, and sands, each rock contains not only calcium carbonate but essential trace elements. After each rock is made, they are covered in beautiful shades of purple, pink, and red before they are allowed to cure in freshwater for a minimum of 12 weeks, before being transferred into the saltwater bins for another 12-16 weeks before being packaged. Real Reef Solutions saltwater grow-out tanks prepare the rock and make them become biologically active with bacteria and even some algae.

  • Sustainable
  • Biologically Active
  • Includes Trace Elements
  • Creates Natural Aquascapes
  • Coralline Colored Non-Toxic Pigments


Perfect for tanks from 40 up to 120 gallons - For most aquascapes, we suggest using around 1.25 to 1.5 pounds per gallon of display tank for an average aquascape. We do recommend getting a little more than you may need, giving yourself some options on which rocks you want to use, and any additional rocks can always be put into your sump for added filtration. 

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