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Assorted African Cichlids

  • $12.99

Color and character are present in all of our assorted Malawi African Cichlids. This item number exists for a hobbyist to easily order a group of Malawi Cichlids of random color simply by choosing how many fish are needed. Order several of these fish to get a varied assortment of different colors and types, while ordering several will get you a group of varied colors and types. Since these fish are assorted, the fish arriving with your order may or may not include those which are pictured or listed. Our assortments vary from week to week.


Quick Facts

  • Scientific Name:Cichlid sp.
  • Ease of Care:Easy
  • Approximate Arrival Size:X-Small: 1-1.25"; Small: 1.5-2.5"
  • Approximate Full Size:6 inches
  • Native Region:Africa- Lake Malawi
  • Temperament:Aggressive
  • Diet:Omnivore