Caribsea RhyzoMat 12" x 24" - Bay Bridge Aquarium and Pet

Caribsea RhyzoMat 12" x 24"

DFW Aquatics

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Rhyzomats are a unique natural fiber mat perfect for aquariums with plants.  Even a few plants in an aquarium make for a healthier and more beautiful tank environment, but troublesome “floaters” can make it difficult to maintain.  Simply place a Rhyzomat down first, then add the substrate on top.  The all natural fiber mat helps to anchor plants by their roots, and keep them in the substrate as intended.  But Rhyzomats offer so much more. The area of the substrate that roots inhabit is call the “rhizosphere”. This complex system is essential to plant health and root vigor, and may contain minerals, bacteria, clays, fungal symbionts and more.  Rhyzomats are easier to manipulate than organic soils, and become the essential core of these advanced subsurface microhabitats.  Rhyzomats are pH neutral, can also be used as a biological substrate and, if left somewhat exposed, a natural “soft cover” for freshwater invertebrates.  Rhyzomats can be used with any sand or gravel.  Whether you have one plant or one hundred, a Rhyzomat makes it easy. Available in 12 x 24”, or 12 x 12”. (Rhyzomats do not necessarily need to cover the entire bottom of the aquarium. Simply place them where you intend to have plants, such as the corners, or across the back. They can be cut or torn to size.)

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