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Black Banded Damsel

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The Black-banded Damsel (Amblypomacentrus breviceps) can be rather timid and has interesting coloration. This damsel is pearly white with faint bars on the dorsal half. 

Damsels and chromis both come from the Pomacentridae family, which they share with Clownfish, a close relative and another very popular group of aquarium fish. Their temperament can range from very peaceful to quite aggressive and territorial. Chromis (fish from the genus Chromis) tend to be more peaceful than the rest but can also be more delicate. Other common genuses of damsels include AmblyglyphidodonChrysipteraDascyllusNeoglyphidodonPomacentrusStegastes and others. 



Available as "Treated" using our proven protocols to keep our fish healthy or as "30 Day Quarantine" where the fish goes through a 30 day quarantine in order to have the highest quality of fish health before being brought into your system. The quarantine option does require a wait time in order for it to go through this quarantine. (For images of the fish please send us an email at