Birdsnest Coral

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The Birdsnest Coral is also referred to as Seriatopora Needle, Finger, or Brush Coral. It is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral with very delicate, thin branches with needle-like tips. It is found in a variety of shades of pink. These are very delicate, but beautiful corals that offer a variety of shape and bright coloration to a reef aquarium.



  • Scientific Name: Seriatopora hystrix
  • WaterflowMedium to Strong
  • Care LevelModerate
  • TemperamentPeaceful
  • Water Conditions72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025
  • Lighting: High
  • Color FormGreen, Pink
  • PlacementMiddle to Top
  • Origin: Central Pacific
  • FamilyPocilloporidae