Biopod Smart Microhabitat Aqua II


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The Biopod Aqua II is a taller version of the Aqua without a terrestrial platform. Perfect for an aquatic only setup, or for very tall plants.

Biopod is a self-contained ecosystem that replicates real environments.

Biopod recreates a natural habitat by use of Aeroponics which is balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide.  You can control and regulate the ventilation, lighting, temperature, humidity, and rain fall right from your smartphone.  You can also view the inside of your Biopod via the built-in full 1080p camera through the mobile app. 

   How Biopod Works 

Tank Dimension inches (LxWxH) 18.65” x 13.36” x 28.00”
Tank Dimension cm (LxWxH) 47.37 x 33.93 x 71.12
Base Dimensions inches (LxWxH) 18.75” x 14.87” x 2.71”
Base Dimensions cm 47.63 x 37.77 x 6.89
Unit Total Height inches 32.64"
Unit Total Height cm 82.91
Substrate/Water Column Height inches 8.80"
Substrate/Water Column Height cm 22.35
Substrate/Water Column Volume (gallons) 9.02
Substrate/Water Column Volume (litres) 34.00
Total Volume (gallons) 28.50
Total Volume (litres) 107.00
Approx. Weight (lbs) -
Approx. Weight (kg) -
Average Power Consumption (Watts) 28.0
Maximum Temperature Capability (°F) 18°F above ambient
Maximum Temperature Capability (°C) 10°C above ambient
Min/Max Humidity Capability Ambient - 100%
Internal Components LED Lighting UVB, UVA Air heater Substrate heater, Humidifier
LED Output (wavelength) Continuous wavelength between 400nm-800nm. Peaks between: 420nm-450nm, 540nm-570nm, and 630nm-650nm.
LED Output (Watts) 36.5
LED PAR Rating 502
UVB Output Continuous wavelength between 295nm-305nm. Peaks at 300nm.
UVA Output Continuous wavelength between 380nm – 405nm. Peaks at 395 nm.
Sensors Air temp. sensor, Substrate temp. sensor, Humidity sensor
Recommended Residents Dart frogs/Poison frogs Medium sized tree frogs, Small/medium reptiles, Burrowing animals, Semi-aquatic animals, Aquatic animals, Small fruiting plants Small/medium vegetables Small/medium plants Very thirsty plants/vegetation
Best for Growing veggies/fruits, Housing terrestrial animals, Housing aquatic animals, Housing semi-aquatic animals, Conservation enthusiasts, Paludarium enthusiasts
Suggested max occupants 5-7 small fish, 1-2 small sized animals, 1-2 medium sized fish
Compatible Accessories Waterfall & Feeder
Recommended Accessories Waterfall & Feeder

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