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Baby Savannah Monitors

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One of the more popular pet lizards, savannah monitors are larger and are known to be some of the more docile lizards of the monitor group. They aren’t really active lizards but usually tolerate handling quite well.
This is not a pet for an amateur herpetologist. Savannah monitor lizards don't always thrive in captivity. Very specific conditions are required to keep these lizards healthy.
  • Lifespan: They often live to 10 years, sometimes as long as 15 years.
  • Size: These lizards will grow to be about 3 to 4 feet long.

Behavior and Temperament

They spend most of their time in the wild grasslands of Africa basking in the sun, burrowing in the soil, and eating a variety of small prey food such as rodents, smaller lizards, and insects.
Regular handling makes them tamer, but like all monitors, if they are not a captive bred baby or are not handled often, Savannah monitors can become aggressive.


Savannahs are strong, large escape artists. A large, secure enclosure is necessary to house any savannah monitor.
A full-grown Savannah needs a minimum of an 8-by-4-feet enclosure, or twice the length of the monitor.
A juvenile (young) Savannah will be fine in a 55-gallon aquarium for a short period of time, but since they grow quickly, most owners have their adult set-up ready when they bring home a baby.
The height of the enclosure should prevent them from escaping and allow a branch or other decoration in the cage on the off chance they want to climb. Monitors can be destructive, so other than some rocks and hides, decorations aren't necessary.


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