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Baby Green Pacman Frog

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Pacman frogs are relatively common in the pet trade. They get their common (pet trade) name from the popular PacMan arcade game, because like the animated character, these frogs have a rounded appearance and huge mouths. 
Pacman frogs are not difficult to care for and they can make good, interesting. However, people who like their pets to be active or interactive may get tired of caring for a Pacman frog, since they are not the best pets for handling.
  • Lifespan: Up to 15 years in captivity. (7 to 10 years is more common)
  • Size: Adult males are smaller (2½ inches to 4 inches in length depending on the species) than female Pac-Man frogs, which can reach lengths of 4 inches to 7 inches.


They are terrestrial amphibians and actually are very poor swimmers. They spend most of their time in a humid environment among damp leaf litter. 
A Pacman frog's appetite matches its size, and they will pretty much eat anything that moves within striking distance of where they sit and wait on the ground. Any prey that walks by is fair game for this hungry frog. 
These amphibians are docile pets, but their counterparts in the wild have been known to bite if they feel threatened.


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