Ash Stone

Ash Stone


  • $5.99

Ash Stone is a versatile and visually stunning hardscape element. This gray and tan colored stone boasts a smooth texture with creased detailing that will add depth and character to your underwater environment. But it's not just about looks - the holes ranging from 1" to 3" in size serve a practical purpose as well, providing a perfect hiding spot for shrimp or a secure foundation for aquatic plants.

When used in aquascaping, the Ash Stone can bring a sense of tranquility and realism to your setup. Whether you're creating a natural-looking riverbed or a unique focal point, this hardscape stone will elevate your aquascaping game. Use it to define different areas of your aquarium, create a sense of depth, or simply as an eye-catching element in its own right. The possibilities are endless.

Stones vary in shape, size and density. On average, pieces will range from 3-10 inches. If you have any special requests for sizes, please make a note when ordering and we will try to accommodate according to inventory. Specific requests are not guaranteed.

We recommend rinsing stones thoroughly prior to use.

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