Twinstar LED- S Model


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Twinstar finally came through with what every aquatic enthusiast has been waiting for since BML stopped making aquarium lights.  The Twinstar full spectrum LED provides unparalleled performance with innovative design, creating the sleekest looking light fixture that ever grew a plant.  

Experience the true colors of your aquascape in it's highest potential.  The Twinstar LED offers an optimum range of wavelengths of 400nm to 700nm which is exactly what plants need to thrive and flourish.  

Twinstar S Model is constructed with metal legs compared to the previous acrylic legs on the Twinstar E Model.  It also boasts higher light output compared to the E model, making it one of the highest light LED's for planted tanks currently on the market.  

Note: 900S does not fit UNS 90L or UNS 90B due to glass thickness

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