TAAM Rio 200 Power CO2+ Reactor & Skimmer

TAAM Rio 200 Power CO2+ Reactor & Skimmer


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Rio 200 Power C02+ reactor and surface skimmer can be utilized with or without CO2. The surface skimmer is powered by the silent and energy efficient water pump that moves 138 gallons of water per hour and designed with a large surface strainer with built in water flow control to skim the surface of the water from unwanted organics thus improving gas exchange and dissolved oxygen content. To prevent clogging there is a floating internal strainer that pre-filters the water prior to the water pump. Connecting the CO2 source is simple and easy to set up and once connected the C02 it is mixed within the carbon dioxide reaction chamber which produces ultra-fine bubbles that will inject CO2 evenly and efficiently. For aquariums up to 40 gallons. A magnet mount is included.

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