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Asked to push the envelope for a small and efficient pump with high flow rate, the Voyager Nano was born. This pump, with a flow rate of 530 gallons per hour, gives new meaning to a small footprint without sacrificing the quality and efficiency discriminating hobbyists have come to trust from SICCE. The Voyager Nano is ideal for fresh or saltwater and for nano tanks as well as larger tanks.

  • Product Gross Weight: 0.6400 lb
  • Product Net Weight: 0.6400 lb
  • Product Height: 2.35 in
  • Product Length: 2.00 in
  • Product Width: 1.70 in
  • Use Instructions: To install the pump, proceed as follows:ATTENTION: Before making the product working, verify the integrity of all its parts. 1) To avoid resonance, vibrations and sand or stones being sucked into the pump, position it with adequate clearance to the sides and base of the tank.2) Insert the joint, positioned on the back of the pump, on the magnetic support.3) Clean the glass where the pump is to be installed. Submerge the pump completely and turn it in vertical position to allow any trapped air to exit from therotor’s cavity. 4) Set the magnetic support to the tank at a 10 cm (4 inches) from the center of the internal support.5) Drag it until perceiving of the opposite magnetic force and position the centers of the 2 supports on the same axis.6) Place the pump in the preferred position.7) Connect it to the electric network.
  • Safety Warnings: Always disconnect the pump when not in use, before adding or removing parts and before cleaning. - Do not allow pump to run dry. Pump must be immersed in water completely.- To reduce the risk of electric shock, use only on portable self-contained fountain no large than 5 feet in any dimension.- This pump has not been investigated for use in swimming pool or marine areas.- To avoid possible electric shock, special care should be taken since water is employed in the use of aquarium or pond equipment. For each of thefollowing situations, do not attempt repairs by yourself. Return the appliance to an authorized service facility for service or discard the appliance.1) Do not operate any appliance if it has a damaged cord or plug, or if it doesn’t work properly or has been dropped or damaged in any manner.2) To avoid the possibility of the appliance plug or receptacle getting wet, position aquarium stand and tank or the fountain to one side of a wall-mountedreceptacle to prevent water from dripping onto the receptacle or plug. A “drip-loop” should be arranged by the user for each cord connecting an aquarium appliance to a receptacle. The “drip-loop” is the part of the cord below the level of the receptacle or the connector if an extension cord is used, which prevents water travelling along the cord and coming in contact with the receptacle. If the plug or socket does get wet, DON’T unplug the cord. Disconnect the fuse or circuit breaker that supplies power to appliance. Then unplug and examine for presence of water in the receptacle.3) Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by near children.4) To avoid injury, do not contact moving parts or hot parts such as heaters, reflectors, lamp bulbs and similar.5) Always unplug an appliance from an outlet when not in use, before putting on or taking off parts and before cleaning. Never yank cord to pull plug from outlet. Grasp the plug and pull to disconnect.6) Do not use an appliance for other than intended use. The use of attachments, not recommended or sold by the manufacturer of the appliance, may cause an unsafe condition.7) Do not install or store the appliances where it will be exposed to the weather or to temperatures below freezing.8) Make sure an appliance mounted on a tank is securely installed before operating it.9) Read and observe all the important notices of the appliance.10) If an extension cord is necessary, a cord with a proper rating should be used. A cord rated for less amperes or watts than the appliance rating may overheat. Care should be taken to arrange the cord so that it will not be tripped over or pulled.11) This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than other). As a safety feature, this plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plugdoes not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Never use with an extension cord unless plug can befully inserted. Do no attempt to defeat this safety feature.12) If the appliance falls into the water, DON'T reach for it! First unplug it and then retrieve it. If electrical components of the appliance get wet, unplugthe appliance immediately.13) If the appliance shows any sign of abnormal water leakage, immediately unplug it from the power source.14) Carefully examine the appliance after installation. It should not be plugged in if there is water on parts not intended to be wet.
  • Warranty Description: 3 Years
  • Benefits: 1. Increases the water circulation and filter functionality2. Self cleaning impeller3. Wild and gentle flow4. Silent, submerged5. Extremely compact size
  • Compatible With: Aquarium
  • GPH: 270 Gallons
  • Voltage: 240 Volts
  • Wattage: 2.8 Watts
  • Max Glass Thickness: Upto 0.5 in

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