Red Mickey Mouse Platy

Red Mickey Mouse Platy

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The Red Mickey Mouse Platy is also known as the Moonfish or the Southern Platyfish, and is a hybrid color variation of Xiphophorus maculatus platy. The Mickey Mouse Platy is so named because of the black mark at the base of the body, reaching into the tail that is shaped like Mickey Mouse's silhouette. Color forms of orange, yellow, red, and blue are the most common. Platys add brilliant colors to the aquarium as well as being very easy to keep, making them a great fish for beginners and accomplished aquarists alike.


  • Scientific NameXiphophorus maculatus
  • Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons
  • Care LevelEasy
  • TemperamentPeaceful
  • Water Conditions: 64-77° F, KH 10-25, pH 7.0-8.2
  • Max. Size2½"
  • Color Form: Orange, Red, Yellow
  • DietOmnivore
  • OriginGuatemala, Honduras, Mexico
  • FamilyPoeciliidae

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