Prism Stone

Prism Stone


  • $5.99

Prism Stone is a beautiful stone that mixes several shades of white, cream, orange and brown. These stones have rounded edges with smooth surfaces, making them compatible with livestock prone to damaging fins. Prism Stone's lighter tones offer a unique look that isn't commonly seen in a traditional aquascape and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different applications and uses. Its lighter tone is sure to contrast and pop against vividly colored fish, aquarium plants and shrimp! 


  • If you are looking for larger stones, a minimum weight may be required. Larger stones = higher weight. Email our team if you need assistance.
  • Stones require rinsing prior to use
  • Stone coloration darkens when wet. 
  • Some stones may alter water chemistry. Please do thorough research to ensure this stone is suitable for your setup.  

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