Neptune Apex Jr. System

Neptune Systems

  • $239.95

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Dollar for dollar you will not find a higher-quality controller that gives you more features, is easier to use, or has a larger and more active user base than the Apex.

The Apex Jr. System the perfect option for those that want to have the basic functions of a controller like light and temperature control but have a smaller budget. But the beauty of the Apex Jr. is that you don’t have to sacrifice many of the cool features of the more expensive Apex controllers such as Internet connectivity, phone and SMS alerts, over-temperature protection, mobile phone and tablet access and much more.

With the Apex Jr. you will be able to not only monitor what is happening in your tank, but you will also have 100% control while at home, or away to do something about it!

 Comes complete with:

  • Apex Jr.
  • Apex Display Module
  • Long-life Temperature Probe (additional probes can be bought separately) 


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