Dymax Power Head Pump PH800 8885009360780

Dymax Power Head Pump PH800 8885009360780


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Dymax's PowerHead aquarium pump series offers a high-quality water pump that generates substantial power and is extremely quiet while remaining energy efficient. Constructed with roto magnetic-driven technology, this aquarium water pump is durable and reliable for freshwater planted aquariums and can also be used for saltwater reefs and marine aquariums. Dymax's Power Head water pump series has been tested in a range of aquarium conditions to ensure it functions efficiently and effectively. This aquarium water pump is available in multiple sizes to service a wide range of aquarium sizes.


Flow Rate (Gallons/HR) - Watts - Aquarium Size (Gallons)

PH200: 52G - 5W - 1-3G
PH400: 105G - 5W - 6-15G
PH600: 158G - 15W - 11-26G
PH2500: 660G - 50W - 79-171G
PH5000: 1320G - 125W - 184-475G

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