Delta 90 Canister Filter


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Key Features

  • The UNS Delta 90 Canister Filter now comes with Aquario Neo Flow Lily Pipe Sets and Aquario Neo Media (Pure).
  • Original UNS Delta 90 inflow and outflow part sets are available and can be purchased here.
  • Upgrade the included Aquario Neo Flow Lily Pipes with the following attachments: 
    • Aquario Neo Mixer - integrated design the includes the Aquario Neo Tiny diffuser for optimal CO2 distribution in the tank.
    • Aquario Neo Reliever - disperses water evenly in the aquarium. Great for tanks containing livestock that prefer gentler flow.
    • Aquario Neo Skimmer - keeps water surface clear and free from debris, buildup and film.
    • Aquario Neo Outlet - aids in improving directional flow in the aquarium.
  • Attractive appearance and optimal performance.
  • Includes a media caddy for easy organization and customization. Media is included but may be swapped out as desired depending on setup and general preferences.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 8.85 x 8.10 x 16.30"
  • Usage: Up to 66 gallons
  • Max Flow Rate: 250G/HR
  • Circulation Flow Rate: 120G/HR
  • Chamber Capacity: 1.5G
  • Media Basket Capacity: 0.28G (x3)
  • Max Lift: 63"
  • Power Specifications: AC110V 60HZ
  • Power Consumption: 16W
  • Build: ABS & PC

What's Included

  • UNS Delta 90 Canister Filter
  • Aquario Neo Flow Lily Pipes
  • Aquario Neo Lily Pipe Holders
  • Aquario Neo Media (Pure)


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