Blue Kerri Tetra (Emperor)

Blue Kerri Tetra (Emperor)

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The Blue Emperor Tetra (Inpaichthys kerri) are is an attractive Tetra species originating from the Upper Aripuanae and Madeira river basins of the Brazilian Amazon. Their brilliant blue / purple coloration makes them a stand out species in the tropical freshwater aquarium trade, as there are not too many other species that exhibit a bright blue / purple coloration like the Blue Emperor Tetra. They are commonly sold within the hobby under a variety of common names including: Purple Emperor Tetra, Inpaichthys Tetra, Blue Emperor Tetra, Regal Tetra and Royal Tetra. They are also sometimes mistakenly sold as Emperor Tetra (Nematobrycon palmeri), but they can easily be distinguished as they possess an adipose fin unlike the Emperor Tetra.


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