Blotched African Darter Tetra - Bay Bridge Aquarium and Pet

Blotched African Darter Tetra

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Nannocharax macropterus

This 2.5” member of the family Distichodontidae is widespread and common in the Congo River basin; occurring in several countries. It inhabits the vegetation along the margins of the main channels of larger rivers, avoiding areas of low water movement, where it hunts small invertebrates among the aquatic plants. This is a light brown fish with dusky irregular blotching along with lateral line. While this handsome species isn’t the most colorful fish, its behavior and deportment are amazingly charming.

They have reduced swim bladders, and they spend their time actively hopping around on the bottom of the aquarium or hovering midwater. This lends them a lot of personality and adds a lot of interest and activity to the lower stratum of the tank. They are social, so a group of them should be kept together.


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