Aqueon 7.5G LED Shrimp Aquarium Kit


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Aqueon 7.5G LED Shrimp Aquarium Kit is a great option for first time freshwater shrimp and plant keepers. This kit features a 7.5G glass aquarium with an elevated base and lid with concealed LED lighting. The specially designed QuietFlow® 10 Internal Shrimp Filter equipped with an intake grid and pre-filter sponge foam, which prevents shrimp from entering the filter housing. Also included are two 5-pound bags of substrate, water conditioner sachet, setup guide with shrimp and plant recommendations. This kit truly includes the essentials to get you started.

Kit includes:

  • 7.5G Glass Aquarium with concealed LED Lighting
  • QuietFlow 10 Shrimp Filter preloaded with Replaceable Small Carbon Cartridge
  • 10 pounds of Plant and Shrimp Substrate
  • Water Conditioner Sachet
  • Aquarium Setup Guide


13” x 12” x 14” 

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