Aqueon Betta Falls Aquarium Kit


  • $49.99

The Aqueon® Betta Falls provides a calming presence of cascading water while showcasing the natural beauty of the betta. Betta Falls is large enough to make an elegant statement, yet compact enough to fit anywhere in your home or office. The water is filtered using Aqueon® QuietFlow® power filtration. The aquarium is approximately 2 gallons in size and includes a maximum fill indicator window which conveniently shows when more water should be added to the unit. An internal pump comes with the kit which allows for adjusting the water flow to a slower speed for betta and a faster speed for tropical fish or shrimp. Frosted panels prevent betta from seeing one another, preventing aggression. Included with each kit are betta food and water care samples, ensuring the tools for a successful start to the aquatic environment.

  • Approximately 2 Gallons
  • QuietFlow® Power Filtration
  • Filter Cartridge
  • Premium Betta Food
  • BettaBowl Plus Water Conditioner
  • Aquarium Set Up Guide

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