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30C (11.81" x 11.81" x 11.81") 7 GALLONS


Ultum Nature Systems 30C

These rimless aquariums are carefully crafted using 91% clarity Diamant glass, a highly transparent extra clear glass with very little residual green color. The low iron content in the glass provides uninterrupted crystal clear visibility. The 45° mitered edges are bonded together using high performance German silicone specifically designed for aquarium construction. 

Rather than following the conventional sizing of other rimless aquarium brands, our dimensions keep the aquascaper in mind by focusing on the golden ratio.  The additional space makes it easier to achieve that sense of perspective and truly show depth in an aquascape.  Each Ultra Clear Tank comes with a black leveling mat which is crucial so you don’t have to cut up your wife’s yoga mat.

+ 45° Mitered Edges 
+ 91% Clarity with Diamant Glass

+ High Quality German Silicon 
+ Laser Etched Logo
*For dimensions, glass thickness, & volume, please see the last product image

Length: 11.81"
Width: 11.81"
Height: 11.81"
Glass thickness: 5mm
Volume: 7 gallons

Ultra-Clear Low Iron

+ Black Leveling Mat


An Aquascaper’s Dream

Ultum Nature Systems Rimless Glass Aquarium Planted Tank

Premium rimless aquariums are the latest standard in the world of planted tanks. Experience the highest clarity and true uninterrupted display of a planted, marine or reef aquarium. With fresh and innovative sizes, our dimensions keep the aquascaper in mind with additional room for plays on depth and perspective based on the golden ratio. Small or large, the aquascape held inside will come to life with an unparalleled panoramic display of one’s creation.

45° precision cut mitered edges
With High-grade unobtrusive silicone for security and quality viewing

Low iron and 91% Diamant glass
Laser etched Ultum Nature Systems logo for authenticity
Ultum Nature Systems Rimless Glass Aquarium Tank

Cube Rimless Aquarium

Symmetrical cube aquarium tanks are the perfect size for tighter spaces. This style of aquarium is ideal for livestock choices such as Betta fish, Neocaridina shrimp and smaller nano schooling fish species such as Tetras and Rasboras. Beginner or experienced hobbyist, a cube aquarium is a great start or addition to an existing collection of planted tanks.

MODEL VARIANTS: 16C, 20C, 25C, 30C, 40C
VOLUME RANGE: 1 – 16 Gallons
Ultum Nature Systems Rimless Glass Aquarium Tank

Nano Rimless Aquarium

Increasing in popularity, nano aquarium tanks are the miniature versions of standard sized aquariums. They’re ideal for small displays such as a store countertop, nightstand or console table. With horizontal space, they allow for increased depth perception and creativity as well as swimming room for smaller species of fish and shrimp.

VOLUME RANGE: 3 – 4 Gallons
Ultum Nature Systems Rimless Glass Aquarium Tank

Standard Rimless Aquarium

The most common aquarium sizes fall under the standard category. These consist of aquarium tanks ranging in sizes from 10 gallons to 100 gallons and up. These tanks offer a large amount of room for creating larger than life aquascape layouts. Common fauna choices are large schools of nano fish, smaller Cichlids, Gouramis, Angel fish, Discus and other medium sized tank inhabitants. Slightly on the larger size, they are a great canvas for unique nature aquariums.

MODEL VARIANTS: 45U, 60U, 75P, 90P, 90U, 120P, 120U, 180U
VOLUME RANGE: 9 – 156 Gallons
Ultum Nature Systems Rimless Glass Aquarium Tank

Long Rimless Aquarium

Long aquariums provide wide panoramic views and allow for longer aquascape layouts due to the generous amount of horizontal ground provided. Their elongated structure calls for elevated creativity and innovation. Nano schooling fish such as Tetras and Rasboras are ideal as they prefer plenty of horizontal swimming space to explore. Like the others, our long aquariums are clean, sleek and are a unique way to introduce a nature aquarium into any space.

VOLUME RANGE: 6 – 21 Gallons
Ultum Nature Systems Rimless Glass Aquarium Tank

Shallow Rimless Aquarium

These provide a low panoramic view and require some creative aquascaping ideas as they lack general height. They make up for this with the amount of depth available and are overall wonderful canvases for growing aquatic plants emerged or would be excellent for a pond style layout. Lower level aquatic life such as Corydoras pygmaeus or Pygmy Cory Cats make great tank inhabitants as they tend to shoal together on the bottom of the tank and their curious sifting is fun to observe. Clean and sleek, the vibrant colors of the natural world held inside will come to life. No matter how small or big, these low aquarium tanks are the perfect way to introduce a unique nature aquarium into your space.

MODEL VARIANTS: 25S, 5S, 45S, 60S, 75S, 120S
VOLUME RANGE: 2 – 68 Gallons

Tall Rimless Aquarium

Made to inspire creativity or invoke minimalist aquatic plant keeping. These aquarium tanks feature taller glass panels and are the perfect tanks for lengthier aquarium plants or even aquatic lily display. This form factor also allows for elevated aquascaping.

VOLUME RANGE: 1.5 Gallons


Model Profile Dimensions Glass Thickness (MM) Volume (GAL)
16T Tall 6.29" x 6.29" x 9.48" 5 1.5
16C Cube 6.29" x 6.29" x 6.29" 5 1
20C Cube 7.87" x 7.87" x 7.87" 5 2
25C Cube 9.84" x 9.84" x 9.84" 5 4
30C Cube 11.81" x 11.81" x 11.81" 5 7
40C Cube 15.74" x 15.74" x 15.74" 6 16
3N Nano 12.2" x 7.48" x 7.48" 5 3
5N Nano 14.17" x 8.66" x 8.66" 5 4
45U Standard 17.71" x 11.02" x 11.02" 5 9
60U Standard 23.62" x 14.17" x 14.17" 6 20
75P Standard 29.52" x 17.72" x 17.72" 8 36
90P Standard 35.43" 17.71" x 17.71" 10 44
90U Standard 35.43" x 22.04" x 22.04" 12 68
120P Standard 47.24" x 19.69" x 19.69" 12 78
120U Standard 47.24" x 23.62" x 23.62" 12 114
180U Standard 70.86" x 23.62" x 23.62" 15 156
60L Long 23.6" x 7.87" x 7.87" 5 6
90B Long 35.43" x 7.87" x 9.84" 6 12
90L Long 35.43" x 11.81" x 11.81" 8 21
25S Shallow 9.84" x 9.84" x 4.92" 5 2
5S Shallow 14.17" x 8.66" x 4.72" 5 2
45S Shallow 17.71" x 11.02" x 7.08" 5 5
60S Shallow 23.6" x 14.17" x 7.08" 5 10
75S Shallow 29.52" x 17.72" x 11.81" 8 26
120S Shallow 47.24" x 23.62" x 14.17" 12 68
NOTE: Black leveling mat included with all Ultum Nature Systems Rimless Tanks

Ultum Nature Systems Glass Lids and Clear Clips

Glass lids are the perfect addition to your Ultum Nature Systems rimless glass aquarium tank. They are great for minimizing water evaporation and keeping even the most skittish fish, safe – all without compromising the clean aesthetic of a rimless planted tank. Crafted with precision, they fit any UNS tank while ensuring proper room for essential equipment.

NOTE: At this time, Ultum Nature Systems does not produce lids to fit 90L, 75P, 90P, 90U, 120U, and 180U tank sizes.

Ultum Nature Systems Rimless Aquarium Tank Glass Lid Cover

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