UNS Pro Mini Dual Stage CO2 Regulator


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The Ultum Nature Systems Mini Regulator is an all-in-one CO2 delivery solution for planted aquariums. The UNS Mini Regulator is easy to install and is ready for immediate use with various CO2 cylinders: standard CGA-320, paintball, or a UNS disposable cartridge. This regulator comes equipped with a dual-stage, failsafe mechanism for added safety measures and includes a bubble counter for simple, yet precise management of CO2 levels.

Each Unit Includes:

  • UNS Mini Dual Stage CO2 Regulator
  • Bubble Counter
  • Select Tools
  • Standard CGA-320 Adapter (pre-installed) 
  • Paintball Adapter
  • Power Adapter
  • Assorted Extra Washer O-Rings

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