Liquid Gardens Alder Cones 25pk

Liquid Gardens Alder Cones 25pk


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Natural Benefits for your Aquarium Inhabitants

  • Natural Tannins Release
  • Natural Shelter and Food
  • Aesthetic Appeal


Why Use Alder Cones in Your Freshwater Aquarium?

Natural Tannins Release: Alder cones release tannins into the water when they decompose. These tannins can impart a slight tea-like color to the water, which can create a natural blackwater environment reminiscent of some tropical aquatic habitats. This can be aesthetically pleasing and simulate the native environment of certain fish species.

Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial Properties: The tannins released by alder cones are believed to possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This can be particularly beneficial for promoting the health of fish and shrimp.

Natural Shelter and Food: As they break down, alder cones can serve as a food source for some small aquatic invertebrates like shrimp and certain types of snails. The biofilm that grows on decomposing cones is a delicacy for many shrimp species.

Aesthetic Appeal: Aside from the benefits to water quality and fish health, alder cones also add a unique and natural decorative element to an aquarium, especially in setups aiming for a biotope or natural appearance.




Once placed in an aquarium, the cones will float until becoming waterlogged over the course of 1 to 2 days, and they will then begin to sink. Alder cones can be replaced every 3 to 4 weeks or left to be eaten by aquatic animals over time as they decay.

NOTE: Alder cones leach healthy tannins into the water, which can cause slight discoloration. This discoloration is healthy and not a sign of polluted water.

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