Twinstar LED A Line


  • $79.99

Twinstar Light Ver. II A-Line is the entry-level, multi-purpose (for fish & plants) led fixture, suitable for a Fish-Keeper or a Beginner-Aquascaper which has enough brightness for an easy, low-tech planted aquarium.

Besides the brightness differences, it has the same exact appearance, dimensions, and built quality as the Ver. II B-Line from TWINSTAR. 

It is full spectrum W-RGB LED aquarium lighting with good enough brightness, unique color grading, and a balanced spectrum for natural fish colors.

Now, the new light is equipped with a built-in controller (Dimmer/timer/power switch) for improved functionality.

The new Twinstar light Ver. II A-Line is the perfect lighting for an aquarium with or without plants, where fish or shrimps play the leading role.

Thanks to the adjustable bracket, the Twinstar Light Ver II A-Line is suitable for aquariums of different sizes.   

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