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Kent Marine Tech I Supplement

Kent Marine

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KENT MARINE TECH I is chelated to slowly release free iodide, and time released iodide for sustained availability to invertebrates. Assists hard corals and helps prevent bleaching of corals due to changes in light intensity.

  • Shake well before using.
  • Add 10 ml (2 tsp) per 50 gallons of aquarium capacity every week for three weeks. Reduce to half dosage in the fourth and subsequent weeks.
  • Add directly to the system in an area of good water movement.
  • Do not mix with other supplements outside the aquarium.
KENT Marine Tech I immediately provides the aquarium with free iodide. The unique time release system continues to provide available iodide over several weeks. Test kits will not read the timed release iodide, and may not register the free iodide.

Ozone or other strong oxidizers can cause premature release of the iodide from this product. Carefully observe animals while using oxidizers. If negative reactions are noted, discontinue use, and resume a week later at half dose.

Use KENT Marine Kalkwasser, KENT Marine Liquid Calcium, KENT Marine Liquid Calcium Reactor, or KENT Marine Turbo-Calcium to build and maintain calcium levels in marine and reef systems.

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