Aquatop mantis heater 30w


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  • SMALL FISH TANK HEATER: Aquatop's Mantis Mini Aquarium Heater's compact design allows for versatile placement in small aquariums. This fully submersible water heater is ideal for your nano aquarium.
  • HEATS WATER QUICKLY & ACCURATELY: Construction from a heat-resistant material, this tank heater has great efficiency and will heat your aquarium water quickly and accurately.
  • SIMPLE TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT: Each unit has a built-in electronic thermostat preset to 77 degrees Fahrenheit for precise temperature-controlled accuracy of ±1.8 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • AUTOMATIC POWER OFF: When the target temperature has been achieved for this small aquarium heater, the unit will shut down and automatically stop heating the water.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This heater for fish tanks has included suction cups that makes it quick and easy to install. The Mantis Mini 10W is suitable for nano aquariums up to 10-gallons.

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