All New Red Sea Reefer-S Series of Premium Aquariums

REEFER-S tanks give customers complete freedom of choice to install all their preferred hardware, while incorporating the following tried-and-tested REEFER features:

  • Dual side-facing return pump outlets, for optimal water circulation.
  • Enlarged overflow box, for increased surface skimming.
  • Silent downflow system with a new high precision valve, enabling finer flow adjustments.
  • Assembly-ready piping.
  • Fully featured professional REEF-SPEC split-sump system:
  • The professional main sump is refugium-ready, and has an adjustable-height skimmer chamber, micron filter bags and media cups.
  • The extension sump can be used as a dedicated frag tank, or can be disconnected from the main sump and used as a reservoir.

The REEFER-S cabinets include the following new features:

  • Bespoke aluminum super-structure.
  • Slide-out control panel for easy mounting and access to controllers or other equipment.
  • Replaceable wooden marine-spec exterior.
  • Hidden adjustable feet.

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