Saulosi Cichlid

Saulosi Cichlid

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Scientific Name:  Pseudotropheus saulosi

Family: Cichlidae

Origin: Lake Malawi, Africa


Quick Facts

  • Care Level: Moderate
  • Temperament: Aggressive
  • Lifespan: 5 years
  • Water Conditions: 73.0 to 79.0° F, pH 7.7-8.6
  • Maximum Size: 3-4"
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Minimum Tank Size: 50 gallons



Pseudotropheus saulosi cichlids are a dimorphic species. The females (and juveniles) are yellow, while the adult dominant male is a radiant blue with black stripes. Sometimes, the male may remain yellow amongst a large group.

They should be housed in a tank with plenty of hiding places and ample swimming space. Males are not suitable to be housed with more peaceful tank mates unless they are too large for this cichlid to harass, as they are an incredibly aggressive and territorial Mbuna species. Females, however, are much more moderately tempered and can be housed together and with other cichlids, or in a group with one male. 

They are an herbivore and will need suitable plant and algae matter in their diet, but will eat a variety of live, frozen, pellet and flake foods.